New Ab-Initio Modular class in September

Join our next Modular Ab-initio course in September!

Dento Aviation is happy to announce that in September will commence the next Modular Ab-initio course!

Why “Dento Aviation”?

  • Dento exists as an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) since 2014;
  • Dento’s owner and Head of Training,
    • is a current Senior Examiner (e.g., examines the examiners) and a current airline pilot on almost all Airbus and all Boeing Aircraft, i.e. A320, A330/350, A340, B737, and B777/787;
    • has been previously the Post Holder Crew Training in two EASA Airlines; and
    • has been training Ab-Initio pilots since 1983;
  • Dento’s Chief Flight Instructor is also an airline pilot and examiner on the A320, A330/350 and A340;
  • Dento’s Chief Theoretical Instructor is also an airline pilot and instructor on the A320 and pilot on the A330/350;
  • Dento has purposely designed its courses to offer maximum training exposure to students;
  • Dento implements airline style procedures and standards throughout as we train more than 200 airline pilots per year;
  • Dento utilizes the services of personnel with extensive airline experience; and
  • Dento utilizes the most appropriate equipment, e.g., e-learning, aircraft, simulator, and other training devices.

Reserve your slot by contacting us via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the Contact page on our website.