APS MCC & Combine with
Multi Pilot Airplane Type Rating

Enhanced Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training to Arline Pilot Standards (APS) combined with Multi Pilots Airplane (MPA) Type Rating Course

The APS MCC training course includes advanced swept-wing jet aeroplane training and airline operations scenario training to equip a pilot with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required during their initial type rating training to the standards generally required by Airlines.

However when at the same time we combine an APS MCC course together with a Multi Pilot Airplane (MPA) Type Rating Course such as for the A320 or B737 300-900, then learning is much more improved and the students are much more proficient in all areas. Hence they have better employment prospects.

Entry Requirements

Hold as minimum an EASA CPL / IR / MEPHold as minimum an EASA CPL / IR / MEP

Course Structure for 2 Students Training Together

Ground Training / 2 Weeks Duration

  • The purpose of the ground training is to teach the APS MCC & MPA Type Rating syllabuses. For this purpose “Dento” has created its own e-learning platform which allows distance learning which is then followed by classroom review and finally in-house written exams.

Flight Training & Skill Tests / 4 Weeks Duration

73 hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of:
Total Hours 56 hrs A320 FTD 16 hrs A320 FFS 1 hr A320 A/C
Combine APS MCC & A320 SOPs Training 40 hrs A320 FTD    
A320 Type Rating Course & Skill Test: 16 hrs A320 FTD 16 hrs A320 FFS  
A320 Base training:     1 hr A320 A/C

Method of Payment (for minimum hours as per above flight training program) for 2 Students Training Together

Excluding Base Training, the total cost covering the training as mentioned above is €18.000 / student and payments should be made as follows:

  • €500 with enrolment into the course; and

  • €9.500 prior to the commencement of the flight training.

  • €8.000 by the completion the FFS flight training program

Note: Base training is not quoted in the above price and that because pricing varies significantly, A) on the price of fuel at the time of training, and B) on the number of trainees during the flight sortie. For your budgeting, the cost for the base training should be considered around € 7.500 (eg for 6 takeoff & landings, plus a go-around), however an accurate quote should be sought when nearing the time of training.


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