DENTO GROUP is a group of companies providing pilot training worldwide. DENTO'S roots however started very humble by the efforts of one man. The one-man show could only cope for so long until the founder Mr. Charalambos Demetriades took the leap to set up Dento Training and Dento Aviation. Today DENTO GROUP is considered under EASA regulations as a complex organisation and conducts training from zero experience to commercial pilot license , Type rating courses on both Airbus and Boeing as well as FI/FE and TRI/TRE courses.


ALBATROSS FLYING COLLEGE -The first and only private airport in Cyprus

Mr. Charalambos Demetriades was the Managing Director and Chief Trainer of the flight training school in Cyprus. The Flight training school was based in Lakatamia Nicosia, Cyprus and owned 12 Single Engine Piston (SEP) and 1 Multi Engine Piston Aircrafts, a Frasca Simulator and training and maintenance facilities.  


The birth of the ATO

Dento Training Ltd which holds DENTO GROUPs EASA ATO license under reference No. CY.ATO.005 was formed in 2012. 

The expansion

Building up pilots from zero

DENTO GROUP'S role in the development of the aviation industry in Cyprus


Expanding Juristictions

DENTO Group's Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) is the only flight training school in Cyprus to own multiple authorisations allowing it to train pilots in all jusristictions except FAA. 

For more on our athorisation visit our relevant page. 


Setting New Standards in training Aircrafts in Cyprus

Dento Aviation welcomes the first Pipistrel Explorer in Cyprus.

The arrival of the Pipistrel Explorer marks an exciting new chapter in the pilot training industry in Cyprus. This aircraft is considered one of the safest, most innovative and eco-friendly aircrafts in its class.