TRE Refresher Seminar and Workshop

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming TRE Refresher Seminar and Workshop which will be held on 29/10/2018.

The activity will be conducted at our facilities between 09:00-17:00 Cyprus Local Time. At the end of the training and workshop event, you are also invited to an early dinner at a Cypriot Taverna in Larnaca. As far as the content of the TRE Refresher, it will be covering Part-FCL requirements, and the Workshop will be covering elements which you are invited to put forward at the earliest possible.

Please confirm your attendance to the activity as well to the dinner by 15/10/2018.

Also note that as this is the first Official “TRE Refresher and Workshop”, there will be no cost to any of the participants in relation to the activity and dinner. However, all travelling and/or accommodation expenses would be borne by the participants themselves. Looking forward to see you at our activity.