our Instructors master the process of communicating skills, knowledge and attitude.

during every training event, our Instructors deliver instruction for the maximum development in the skills, knowledge and attitude of the pilot under instruction.

our examiners practise the process of confirming and checking that the trainee has the skills, knowledge and attitude for the discipline under examination.

Aviation Senior Examiners

Dento Training Ltd
Training Organization (ATO)
EASA Approved

Charalambos (Pambos) DEMETRIADES
Founder, Accountable Manager & Head of Training

Pambos start flying in Cyprus in 1979 and later moved to the USA where he became a Commercial Pilot and an Instructor on Single & Multi Engine Aircraft as well as Instrument Instructor.

For the next one year worked in the USA as Instructor and in 1984 moved to UK where he converted his FAA Licence to UK CAA, as well as obtained similar Instructor Qualifications. Between 1984-1986 worked as predominantly as an Instructor for the UK CAA IR flying a Navajo.

Late in 1986, was employed by Cyprus Airways flying BAC 1-11 and in 1989 was one of the first to fly the A320 as an F/O with Cyprus Airways.

In 1989 created with a group of others “Albatros Flying College”, which was managed by himself and ended up operating 13 aircraft, a simulator and a maintenance center. In 1994, moved to Eurocypria Airlines where few months later got his command on the A320 and later the Airline’s Technical Pilot. When Eurocypria Airlines switched to B737-800, Pambos got upgraded to LTC, TRI and TRE.

Since 2011, Pambos served as the “Post Holder Crew Training” in two EASA Airlines as well as becoming qualified and flown other aircraft types where he became TRI/TRE. Additionally, worked as freelance TRI/TRE in several ATO’s and around the globe.

In 2014, “Dento” was certificated by the Cypriot Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and EASA, and was awarded the Approval No: CY-ATO-005.

Today “Dento ATO” has approval for MCC, Type Ratings Courses, Zero Flight Time Training, Base Training, Instructor’s and Examiner’s Courses for the A320, A330/350, A340, B737 300-900 and B777/787, Additionally, “Dento ATO” setup its own e-Learning Platform (LMS), on which a number of courses are taught. Later in 2016, Pambos attended a course and became a Senior Examiner with the UK CAA. Today Pambos is current and qualified as follows: Senior Examiner and TRI/TRE with the UK CAA on the A320, A330/350, A340, B737 300-900 and B777/787. Today “Dento ATO” is affiliated with several training centers around the globe and is using their facilities to delivering training courses in places such as Abu Dhabi, Amman, Bank Kong, Dubai, London, Paris, etc.

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