Take comfort in knowing the following

1 - Industry leaders

Dento Aviation is currently the leading authorized training organization in the Republic of Cyprus. As a member state of the European Union all type ratings and courses conducted with our organization fall under European Union Aviation Safety Authority (EASA).

We work closely with the Department of Civil Aviation in Cyprus to push the industry even further by tackling aviation relation issues in collaboration with our extensively experienced team and associates.

2 - Safety

Safety and the on-going promotion of a positive safety culture remains at the forefront of our operation as a Flight Training Organisation and ranks amongst our highest priorities.

At Dento we are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards.

We shall work to ensure that a positive safety culture is cascaded down through all departments and personnel, customers and contractors. All persons within our organisation are encouraged to co-operate by ensuring they recognise the aims and objectives of our safety management system, which will be effectively communicated to them. Our organisation will encourage and promote an open and proactive communication process that supports a robust reporting system and culture.

3 - Continued support even after completion of their training

We stand by our cadets at any issue they may face during their professional career and assist in any way possible to enable them to achieve the standards we strive by to maintain as the leading authorised training organisation in Cyprus.  

4 - Highest level of training and environment

Our ground school encompasses well respected instructors and examiners in the field of aviation with extensive career backgrounds. Our cadets train alongside such professionals allowing them to receive guidance and network with contacts that will assist them during the course of their career.