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Join the No. 1 ranking flight school in Cyprus. Why are we No. 1 ? Well the majority of Pilots, Flight instructors in Cyprus have been trained with us either in Cyprus or Abroad.

Discover the advantages of a career Pilot

It's a calling that beckons adventure, career stability, unique experience and a lucrative career. 

  • Travel The World

    Experience countries and cultures you might never otherwise seen before.

    Spend nights or days in new cities and explore cultures you might never have otherwise encountered.

  • Not a 9-5 Job

    Its not a typical 9am - 5pm or a Monday - Friday job. 

    The specific number of 

    contracted hours per month allows you to plan around your working  pattern.

  • Work / Life Balance

    As a Pilot you close the cockpit door and don't have to worry about any unfinished business; just relax and enjoy some time off. 

    You don’t carry your work at home allowing you to achieve and ideal work-life balance.

  • Personal Development

    As a pilot, you can expect to learn something new every day. The constant challenges and new adventures are a major part of the appeal of the profession.

    Every day is different as a pilot, with many different challenges and situations. This encourages you to keep improving your skills and become the best pilot possible.

    You'll never lose motivation or grow bored; instead, you'll be constantly challenged, excited, and eager to further develop yourself

  • Meet new people

    As a pilot, you'll be in the position to meet and interact with new people everyday. From crew members to passengers, to residents of the cities you visit, the job provides an amazing opportunity to branch out and expand your social circle.

    You'll be surrounded by diverse groups of people from all walks of life, different cultures, and intriguing perspectives.

    If you're a sociable person who enjoys company, becoming a pilot opens doors to a wealth of new experiences and friendships

  • The view while flying

    Not many people get to experience sunrises and sunsets to cloud 

    formations. The views from inside the cockpit never fail to impress.  

    Whether you fly for a regional airline or you work for a major carrier, the sights you’ll see are stunning and never-ending. The beautiful views from the cockpit is one of the top advantages of pursuing this profession.

  • Salary and Health benefits

    If you're looking for a rewarding, well-paying career with several opportunities for personal and career growth, aviation is the way to go.

    As a pilot, you can expect a competitive salary and a wide range of benefits. Plus, there are plenty of room for career development as you'll have the opportunity to climb the ranks from First Officer to Captain.

    The higher you reach within the hierarchy, the more impressive your salary and your pilot benefits will be, so there's plenty of potential for growth and development in this field.

  • Travel Discounts for family and friends

    You won't be the only one reaping the benefits of this career. In addition to the opportunity to travel the world and explore new cultures for yourself, there are bonuses for your family and friends.

    Having access to discounted or even free flights means you can easily plan vacations and adventures for your loved ones.

    Plus, there are special rates available for certain hotels, allowing you and your family members to vacation with savings for even more fun and luxury.

    So, if you love spending time with your friends and family on holiday, this benefit is definitely worth considering.

  • But, most importantly do it because you love flying

    Why choose a career as a pilot? As an airline pilot, you will be doing something you're passionate about every day and getting paid to do it.

    Your work will be enjoyable and fulfilling, and your personal satisfaction will grow with each new experience.

    If you have the passion and motivation to succeed in this field, whether through a family inspiration or personal interest, the skies are waiting for you to start your journey. What are you waiting for? The application process only takes a few minutes and could open doors to a whole new chapter of your life