Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Course

For enthusiasts who wish to fly for pleasure or to take their first step towards obtaining a professional pilot licence. Joint the No. 1 ranking flight school in Cyprus to start your course today. This EASA qualifying license PPL may only be used for Non - Commercial Operations.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of 16 years 
  • A Class II medical certificate must be obtained before solo flight is permited
  • English language proficiency (ELP) must be conducted before skill test
Special Offer of Private Pilot License (PPL)
Pipistrel Explorer console

Ground Theoretical Training / 3 Weeks Duration

  • The purpose of the ground training is to teach the syllabus for the nine theoretical subjects and to pass the relevant in-house exams. For this purpose, “Dento” has created its own e-learning platform which allows distance learning, followed by a minimum of 4 days classroom review.

Flight Training / 9 Weeks Duration

45 Hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of:
  • 35 hours dual (5 hours simulator FNPT II);
  • 10 hours solo; and
  • PPL Skill test with an Authorized DCA Examiner.

Method of Payment (for minimum hours as per above indicative flight training program)

Total cost covering the training as mentioned above is €13.500 and payments should be made as follows:

  • € 500 with enrolment into the course;

  • €2.000 prior to the commencement of the ground training;

  • €5.500 prior to the commencement of the flight training program; and

  • €5.500 by the completion of 20:00 hours of the flight training program.

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