Want to become a pilot ? Here are the 5 things you'll need to come a DENTO pilot.

A passion for flying

A successful career in aviation cannot be achieved without a passion for flying. Granted you will need a good balance of other qualities such as discipline, pressure tolerance, spatial awareness and many more. Through your training you will be able to enhance the necessary skills required, provided you possess them. 

Complete secondary education

All programs other than Private Pilot License require a secondary education diploma (high school). Preferable school modules are English, Mathematics and Physics. 

Medical certification

Before beginning your training, you will need to get medically examined by a Licensed practitioner who is authorised to issue Class 1 Medical certification. The examination includes hearing, eyesight, coordination, and overall health. All pilots are required to have a valid certificate through the course of their entire flying career. If you need assistance or guidance on where to get examined, please contact us. 

Age, nationality eligibility and entry requirements

You can start your journey to become a career pilot from the early age of 16 by commencing your Private Pilot License. Further course advancements have higher criteria depending on your programme course of interest. You must also be eligible to live in the Republic of Cyprus, therefore for individuals residing outside Cyprus kindly contact us for verification on your eligibility to live and study in Cyprus and visa applications.


All cadets are screened and assessed before enrolment. DENTO GROUP only enrols candidates which are suitable for a career as an airline pilot. How this is achieved? By competency-based interviews and computer-based aptitude and personality testing