How to become a Pilot?

If your passion for flying has drove you to become a pilot, you have come to the right organization. Considered as the No.1 flight training school in Cyprus, training with us will separate you from other cadets in the industry. 

 Explore our training programs and decide which approach best suits you. To discuss the matter and help you get a better understanding of your options contact our training advisor or visit our organization during a Pilot Career Day.

 You will need to obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate. The medical examiner must be approved by the relevant national aviation authority, which for Cyprus is the Department of Civil Aviation Authority (DCA). 

 You will then need to book your course start date and pay the deposit tuition fee to secure your position.

Book a test flight !

If you haven't flown before, we suggest before taking the leap in the aviation industry to book a test flight with us. You will be able to experience first hand if this is for you!

Training Path from zero flight hours to becoming a Career Pilot

Once you have completed 1.500 hrs of flying experience, you will be eligible to obtain an Air Transport Lincese which will enable you to be promoted to Captain.

  • Stage 1- Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • Stage 2- Night Rating (NR)

  • Stage 3- Commercial Pilot License (CPL) & Air Transport Pilot License Theoretical

  • Stage 4- Theoretical Multi Engine Piston (MEP)

  • Stage 5- Instrument Rating (IR)

  • Stage 6- Commercial Pilot Flight Training

  • Stage 7- License

  • Stage 8- Type Ratings