What flight equipment do I need for my PPL?

Congradulations on taking your first steps to becoming a Pilot. Below you will find a complete list with all the required equipment you will need to make that a reality. 

Required Flight Equipment for the PPL(A)

Here’s a list of the flight equipment you need for your PPL(A). You can’t avoid buying these:

  1. Local Maps (1:250,000 or 1:500,000 scale) 
  2. Navigational Plog
  3. Flight Computer
  4. Nautical Mile (NM) Scale Ruler (1:250,000 or 1:500,000)
  5. Protractor
  6. Log Book
  7. Kneeboard
  8. Headset
  9. Pilot Attire

We will guide you through each item of required flight equipment one by one.

  • Local Maps

    By law you have to carry a valid and up-to-date chart during flight. Therefore you should have one before your first solo flight — which will be approximately 10-15 hours into your training. 

    We provide you with relevant hight quality printed maps with your enrolment. 

    They can also be found electronicaly:

  • Navigational Plog

    Plog is short for “Pilot Log“. You’ll need one throughout the PPL.

    The Plog is used to record details of crew members, scheduled & actual times, the flight plan, and the navigation log,

  • Flight Computer / CRP-5

    You’ll eventually need a Flight Computer: CRP-5 during your aviation course. This is commonly used for PPL and ATPL examinations.

    This calculates your heading, and estimates the time it takes to fly each leg of your planned journey. 

    The CRP-5 is a fairly simple and easy-to-use 1950’s technology we shall be guiding you through the course of your training on all its functionalities.

  • Nautical Mile (NM) Scale Ruler (1:250,000 or 1:500,000)

    A Nautical Mile (NM) Scale Map Ruler is essential for the Navigation PPL subject as it is used to measure distances on maps and chart plots.

    While you rarely fly in a straight line for long distances during your PPL(A), most of your routes consist of triangle routes with each leg approximating 50NM. This makes extremely lengthy rulers unnecessary. We offer a Nautical Mile Scale Map Ruler, which is suitable for this purpose.

  • Protractor

    This is not the ordinary protractor you may find in a maths set. Aviation protractors are specialized tools used for measuring short journey legs and avoiding the need for excessive rulers during flight planning. They contribute to increased accuracy during flight planning and are also used in marine navigation. This means that with this aviation protractor, your flight planning is more efficient and accurate regardless of the field.

  • Log Book

    A Pilot Log Book is a crucial tool for recording flying hours and essential details such as flight times, landings, instrument approaches made, and simulator practices. It is required by aviation regulators like the CAA and EASA and must be kept up-to-date with all the necessary information.

    We offer our own durable hardback Log Book, designed to comply with the requirements set by the aviation regulators. It's suitable for both student pilots undertaking the LAPL/PPL program and experienced pilots alike.

  • Kneeboard

    A pilot's knee board is a specially designed clipboard for making notes and holding paperwork while in the air. It is intended to be used on the pilot's thigh or leg to keep key documents and information at hand during flight. An A5-sized knee board is typically the most practical and suitable for a majority of pilots. Its small size makes it easy to tuck away when not in use and carry around easily, making it an efficient and comfortable tool for flight planning and record-keeping.

  • Headset

    There are a variety of applicable headsets to choose from depending on your budget of course. highly recommended brands are David Clark and Bose.

  • Pilot Attire

    A cadet must always dress appropriately, whether for classroom, examination, or flight training situations. Our dress code is as follows:

    • White Pilot shirt with epaulettes
    • Knitwear with epaulettes
    • Navy blue tie
    • Navy blue formal pants
    • Black belt and shoes