MPL Training program

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training Program

A path to guaranteed employment working as a Co-pilot for a local Airline. 

Ab-Initio Pilot Training

Ab-Initio Pilot Training

Dento’s Pilot Training Programme is based on the modular pilot training path and..
Multi Crew Cooperation

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

The aim of the course is to become proficient in multi-crew co-operation..

Type Rating Courses

Type Ratings (TR) on A320, A330/A350, A340, B737 300-900, B777, F70/100..

Airbus Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ)

This is a process during which a pilot who is qualified on an Airbus aircraft type..

Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT)

Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) refers to the training given on an aircraft type rating course that is..


The objective of TRE/SFE course is to train experience pilots which are holders of current TRI/SFI, to the standards required..
ICAO to EASA Conversion Modular CPL / IR / MEP
Applicants for Part-FCL licences (herewith stated as EASA Licence), can only..