Night Rating Course

Night Rating Purpose

The aim of the Night Rating course is to qualify holders of EASA licences with privileges to fly aeroplanes and to exercise their privileges at night.

Entry Requirements

  • Hold an appropriate medical.

Course Structure

Ground Training

  • The purpose of the ground training is to teach the syllabus for the night rating elements. For this purpose “Dento” has created its own e-learning platform which allows distance learning, followed by instructor briefings.

Flight Training

5 Hours Minimum Night Flight Training to include the minimum of:
  • 3 hours of dual instruction, including at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation; and
  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings.

Fees and Payment Schedule (for minimum hours as per above flight training program)

The total cost covering the training as mentioned above is €1.500, with the payments schedule been as follows:

  • €500 with enrolment into the course; and

  • €1.000 prior to the commencement of the ground training.


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