Sometimes circumstances require you move to a new location or you need to change schools. 

Sometimes circumstances require you to move to a new location or you need to change training organisations. So the answer to this question is YES you could transfer within EASA approved training organisations.

What do I need in order to change my flight training organisation?

The process involves transferring your training records, from your current training organisation to the new one. It is important to check with the new training organisation what they require in order to ensure a smooth transfer process and compliance with all regulations.

When transferring to our academy, we kindly request copies of the following documents:

  1. Copy of a passport or valid ID;
  2. Copy of any licence held;
  3. For the received theoretical training would need confirmation for the completed subject(s) or the amount of training hours received for each subject; and
  4. For the received flight training would need confirmation of the training elements completed and the flight hours brake down.

Transitioning to a new flight school is a streamlined and expedited process. Upon receipt of your official request, we will assess your training records and performance during a consultation. After determining your current proficiency level, we will make the necessary training assessment needed to complete your training, and facilitate your enrolment with our approved training organisation.

Please be advised that DENTO shall waive the corresponding fees for any completed training which has been assessed as completed with your previous training organisation.