Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training Program

The MPL program is a relatively new program which is conducted in close cooperation with an airline and is an alternative approach to the traditional pilot training ATPL course.

The MPL program is specifically tailored to each an airline's requirements and needs by integrating the airline’s procedures from the beginning with a specific airline and aircraft training syllabus. Once completed, it allows a pilot to exercise the privileges of a co-pilot in a commercial air transportation on multi-crew aircraft.

Entry Requirements

  • 18 years of age or over to commence training (by course start date).
  • Have the right to live and work with unrestricted access across EEA, EU or Switzerland.
  • Passing grades in Maths, English & Science at high school level, and be fluent in English (verbal and written).
  • Be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 Medical.

Course Structure

The Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) course contains the “Theoretical Knowledge Training” Phase consisting of 750 hours and the “Practical Flight Training” which are broken down into four phases with an additional 240 hours of training.

ATPL Theoretical Phase: Theoretical knowledge training

  • Learn the ATPL related theory knowledge across 13 subjects plus subject KSA 100.
  • Classroom led computer-based training (CBT) and student led private studies.

Duration: Approximately 750 hours.

Phase 1: Core flight training – Utilising: Single Engine Piston + Multi Engine Piston + FNPT II (Garmin 1000)

  • Learn how to fly in a single-engine piston aircraft to PPL standards, including that for the Night Rating.
  • Train for Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (Advance UPRT), and how to fly as single pilot using instruments on a multi-engine piston aircraft.

Duration: Train on single-engine and multi-engine piston aircraft, and on FNPT II, for approximately 100 hours.

Phase 2: Basic flight training – Utilizing an FNPT II MCC A320 Generic Aeroplane

  • Get the skills you need to be a member of a professional airline cockpit crew.
  • Increase your Instrument Rating skills, further improve your multi-crew operations and be introduced to training on a jet aircraft. Learn the Airbus and Airline SOPs and Threat and Error Management (TEM) principles.

Duration: Train on FNPT II MCC A320 Generic, for approximately 84 hours.

Phase 3: Intermediate training – Utilizing a Fixed Based Simulator (FBS) A320 Type Specific

  • Fly in multi-crew operations in a high-performance multi engine turbine – following combined MCC and Type Rating.

Duration: Train on A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS), but without motion, for approximately 12 hours.

Phase 4: Advanced training – Utilizing an A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and Aircraft

  • Get your Multi-Crew Pilot license and A320 type rating, including UPRT and Low Visibility Operation (LVO) training.
  • Bring together all of your training experience with Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios and build expertise in pilot competencies.
  • Conduct six takeoff and landing, including one go-around, on a real A320 Aircraft.

Duration: Train and be examined on an A320 FFS for 44 hours, and on a real A320 Aircraft for 1 hour, plus.

Program Cost

  • €99.000 MPL Cadet Programme (excl. accommodation & ground transport)

  • €117.000 MPL Cadet Programme (incl. accommodation & ground transport)

Guaranteed Employment with local airlines ! Limited positions available apply now to secure a position.

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