Modular Commercial Pilot License
Instrument Rating - Multi Engine Piston

Modular CPL / IR / MEP Course Purposes

The aim of the Modular CPL / IR / MEP course is to train licenced pilots in obtaining the required qualifications in order to engage in Commercial Operations as Pilot-In-Command of Multi Engine Piston Class Aeroplanes under Instrument Flight Rules.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Holder of PPL with Night Rating endorsement
  • Holder of Class I medical certificate
  • Holder of EASA ATPL Theory Certificate; and
  • Minimum of 120 hrs flight time, of which at least 70 hrs as PIC (including 20 hrs of cross-country flight as PIC one of at least 300nm with two full stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure).

Course Structure

Flight Training & Skill Tests / 3 Months Duration

80 hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of:
Total Hours 10 hrs SEP 30 hrs MEP 40 hrs FNPT II
Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Rating:   6 hrs MEP  
MEP Instrument Rating (MEP IR):   15 hrs MEP 40 hrs FNPT II
MEP Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL): 10 hrs SEP 5 hrs MEP  
MEP IR Skill Test:   2 hrs MEP  
CPL Skill Test:   2 hrs MEP  

Method of Payment (for minimum hours as per above flight training program)

Total cost covering the training as mentioned above is €26.000 and payments should be made as follows:

  • €500 with enrolment into the course

  • €15.000 prior to the commencement of the flight training; and

  • €10.500 by the completion of 50:00 hours of the flight training program.


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