Demetris Demetriades

Compliance Manager, Safety Manager & General Counsel

Demetris Demetriades is the Compliance Manager, Safety Manager, General Counsel and member of the Company’s Executive Management Committee. He is responsible for the surveillance of compliance and Safety within the ATO and acts as the focal point for all compliance & safety matters, monitoring the ATO’s activities and ensuring procedures and manuals are being complied with and are effective.


Mr. Demetriades holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and is has been a member of the Cyprus Bar since 2013 and has been involved in the aviation industry since 2017.

  • Charalambos Demetriades

    Charalambos Demetriades

    Founding Partner, President, Accountable Manager and Head of Training
  • Demetris Demetriades

    Compliance Manager & General Counsel
  • Eleni Demetriadou

    Chief Financial Officer & Administration Manager
  • Marios Alaeddine

    Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI
  • Christos Yiangou

    Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)