Christos Yiangou

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)

Christos Yiangou is our Chief flight instructor (CFI) at Dento Group since 2022. Assigned with the supervisory responsibility of flight and flight simulation training instructors and for the standardisation of all flight instruction and flight simulation instructions with regards to ab-initio pilot training and specifically from PPL to ATPL.

 Mr. Yiangou previously worked at Nemax Pilot Training as a Flight Instructor and then continued at Egnatia Aviation as Flight instructor for approximately 4 years. He has a total flight time of 1800 hours which 1400hrs are instructional plus 500hrs as FI in simulators.

Meet the Executive Team 
  • Charalambos Demetriades

    Charalambos Demetriades

    Founding Partner, President, Accountable Manager and Head of Training
  • Demetris Demetriades

    Compliance Manager & General Counsel
  • Eleni Demetriadou

    Chief Financial Officer & Administration Manager
  • Marios Alaeddine

    Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI
  • Christos Yiangou

    Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Marios Argyrides

    Flight simulation training device (FSTD) Manager